MC Daily Brand UV-C 275nm LED Multi-Purpose sterilizer Pouch for Smartphone

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  • Size: 5.5" x 4" x 0.75". Available Color: Brown, Navy
  • MC Daily Brand UV-C 275nm LED Multi-Purpose sterilizer Pouch for Smartphone, Glasses, Mouse, Glove and much, Portable, Made in Korea Multipurpose LED Sterilization Pouch UV-C 275nm LED, 99.9% sterilization of bacteria
  • Available Color: Brown, Navy. Stylish Diary-type designa light weight of 57g handy size fits in pockets and bags! If you charge it for 60 minutes, you can use it up to 100 times.
  • Now, Don't leave your mask in your pocket, your car, your monitor, or your desk and keep it in a Daily sterile pouch. UV-C sterilization is possible at the same time as storage. You can sterilize daily necessities such as smartphones, glasses, toothbrushes, digital cameras, pencils, etc. anytime, anywhere.
  • Light, Easy, Simple and Stylish. The design is pretty and trendy, simple, so it's also a great fashion item.
How to use
1.Please put the stuff you want to sterilize inside the pouch. Or spread the sterilizer over the stuff you want to sterilize.
2. Please play the operation button on the other side of the charging port. Inside the pouch comes a blue light and sterilization begins. 
3. When sterilization starts, the LED light turns off automatically after about a minute.If you want to sterilize it additionally, press the operation button again.

Caution- Never look directly at the UV LED light or bring it close to the skin during sterilization.