HandMade Mask Strap w/Adjustable Length & snap-on closure- for Adult&Kids

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    • The unit of sale is 1 mask strap( The mask in the picture is not included)
    • Available colors: black, gray, white, blue, orange, mint, indi pink, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow.
    • Length: 65 centimeters/ 25.5"
    • With the silicone ring, length can be adjusted and used by adults and kids.
    • Eligible: Adult, kids
    • Made in South Korea
    • Hand Made
    • Individual Pack



    1.snap-on closure finish enables use with any mask

    2. It's lightweight and easy to hang around your neck

    3. It can be used by adults, teens, kids of all ages because of various colors.

    4. With mask straps, you can carry masks anytime, anywhere, and you don't have to worry about misplacing or staining the mask.