Aloe Vera Mask Pack-  3 Steps Intensive Care


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Organic Ale leaf Enhanced Ingredients

  • Mineral rich alpine ice water has been added to enhance and maintain much-needed moisture to the tired looking skin
  • Aloe vera extracts containing minerals and vitamins have been added for immediate moisture to the dry and rough skin due to stress and pollutants.

6 different kinds of extracts complete your skin vitality and elasticity.

  • Applying nourishing essence on face care mask improves facial skin tone and tired looking skin more elastic and healthy.
  • Bio Cellulose facial sheets.
  • Mineral oil free, artificial coloring free, paraben free, silicone free.
  • Made in Korea

How to use

Step1. Facial Foaming & Soft Peeling/ 2ml/All skin types

Wet face with lukewarm water. Create lather in palms, then massage face with foam to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly.


Step2. Intensive Care Mask/ 25ml/ All skin types

After cleansing, take out a sheet and stick it to the whole face evenly. In 15-20 minutes remove the sheet and pat the remains on the skin to be absorbed. It is OK to apply the remains to the body after use.


Step3. Anti-Aging Night Cream/2ml/All skin types

After mask pack, apply night cream with circular movements to the face



It is the most effective way possible to sue the product successively for 4 weeks in due consideration of a skin turnover cycle.