NEWBORN Antibacterial Mask Case made with the Copper Component

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  • Case Size: 9" x 4.75"
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • 2 pockets for multi storing
  • Made In South Korea
  • Made with PVC, easy, and quick to clean!

How do you safely store your reusable masks?
Keeping it fully exposed in an opened bag, pouch, or any pockets? 
This shouldn't be the safest solution to keep the already used damp/humid masks in there! Technically it is only the cleanest at first use...

This product is 99% Trustworthy!

How could we keep the reusable masks sanitized as the first time use? The problem is not only the sanitary of the masks. Has it crossed your mind that we are again hurting Earth with these disposable masks?


It's like Magic! Once it's in, it's new and fresh again just like the first time! 
The process is quick! The speedy process of this Newborn sanitizing mask case cannot be compared to others!
The sanitizing power of copper is extraordinary! 
99% accuracy of getting rid of leading germs in our lives these days -Staphylococcus aureus, Ecoli, Coliforms, Streoticiccys pneumonia, pneumococcus and many more!


How does it work?
Copper will create a radical to cover the surface of the cell membrane on the germ and this process will deteriorate the main enzyme of each germ.

Copper has been approved by EPA in 2008 as Antibacterial Metal.
√ There is this old saying - If you keep copper inside a shoe, the unpleasant scents will disappear. 
√ Bacteria will absorb and feed on copper as their nutrition.
√ Copper will create a hole on the surface of the bacteria to lead it to lose its nutrition and moisture.
The reactive oxygen that was created by copper will make bacteria disappear.



Q & A  

What happens when the case is stained?
all cases are washable but not recommended for drying in the dryer or dry clean.

Do we need to apply special chemicals to keep it sanitized? 
Copper will keep it sanitized therefore, it doesn't need to be cleaned on a regular basis.