Korean Red Ginseng Khan Effervescent Tablet-20 Tablet

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Korea's first Ginseng Khan effervescent(foaming) tablet (health functional food)

  • Product name: Ginseng Khan effervescent tablet (health functional food)
  • Ingredient:Ginseng berry extract powder, Ginseng mixture powder (more than 4mg/g sum of ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1, Rg3), Citric acid etc.
  • product capacity: 4,000mg x 10 tablet x 2 bottles / SET/ Total 20 Tablets inside.
  • How to intake: Drink 1 ~ 2 times a day, dissolve 1 tablet in 120 ~ 200ml water


  • Health functional red ginseng effervescent tablet, using the first foaming technology in Korea
  • Rich in refreshing feeling by adding citric acid and vitamins. easy to eat even for children
  • Easy to carry as it is a screw cap foam bottle
  • Efficacy effect: immunity improvement, memory improvement, fatigue improvement, blood circulation improvement,


Efficacy effect

  • Health functional food efficacy effect by KFDA
  • immunity improvement
  • fatigue improvement
  • Helps blood flow through platelet aggregation inhibition
  • memory improvement antioxidant effect


Main ingredient – Ginseng Berry

 Ginseng berry extract powder

  • In order to process ginseng berry properly, ginseng berry should be collected from early June to mid-month, when saponins aggregate, on the berries are green.
  • In the past, the fruit was discarded, but through contract cultivation, we purchase ginseng fruit directly from farmers and process it with patented technology to produce high value-added raw materials.

Ginseng berry extract powder – New elixir plant of the 21st century

Ginseng fruit concentrate powder made by patent manufacturing


-Significantly increases the content of saponin through the 4 times steam-dried technology

- Increasing the absorption rate of saponin in the body through microbial fermentation technology

 Published research paper on the efficacy of ginseng fruit in a famous American journal



Main ingredient – Red Ginseng

Red ginseng (health functional food

Immunity improvement: Promote immune function

Blood circulation improvement: Prevention of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia   

Fatigue improvement: Endurance Promotion, Relieves stress

Antioxidant effect: Anti-aging

memory improvement: Promote brain activity, Promotes Brain Cell Growth, Prevention of senile dementia 

Menopausal Disorders and Anemia Improvement in Women

Red ginseng

It is a functional food containing more than 4mg of ginsenoside per tablet.

Ginseng Berry

Well with the delicate red ginseng fragrance and tangy freshness.

Intake Method

  • It is easy to carry and intake
  • 1~2 times a day
  • 200 ml of water is suitable, and it melts completely in 30 second.
  • Put a ginseng tablet in 200ml of water and drink the water after tablet is completely melted in water. 
It's registered to the FDA.